CO2 extraction and ethanol extraction for the hemp and cannabis industry

About MRX


Based in Canby, Oregon, MRX is the market leader in commercial extraction systems for the botanical products. Our leadership team has the most extensive analytical background, which continues to drive our innovation and design. With a growing list of award-winning customers, MRX has become the most respected brand in extraction.

The MRX story begins in 2012 with the creation of MRX Labs. It quickly became one of the largest testing labs in the country. However, we started to see subpar oil products flooding into the lab. There were staggering amounts of solvent residue and low-yields from premium trim. These observations became the epiphany to design one of the first commercial-grade supercritical CO2 extractors.

Three common themes were missing in extraction at the time: automation, repeatability, and lack of compliance. Without automation, you are relying on “extraction artists” to control everything instead of a simple touchscreen. Behind this screen, the MRX proprietary process controls pressure, temperature, and flow rate.

Next, without repeatability, you can’t produce consistent results. Our control systems save your data allowing for strain control, custom runs, and chain of custody tracking. Finally, our third contribution to the industry was compliance, meaning building extractors with the highest level of engineering standards and certifications. We made sure every component of our system is compliant from ASME high-pressure approval to UL listed controls.

MRX provides durable CO2 systems from the 20LE starter solution to the 100C continuous operating unit. These units combine unrivaled engineering and efficiency. Major brands of vape cartridges, tinctures, CBD oils, and infused edibles depend on MRX for their commercial and medical products.

MRX continues to deliver customer needs with breakthrough technology and the 225L Ethanol Processing Center, a powerhouse designed for hemp processing. CEO Paul Tomaso says, “There is a disconnect between high quality, consistent extractions, and high-volume production. MRX products address this while being highly efficient in production labor, time, and energy. We are beyond excited to continually introduce game-changing technology.”

President Jonah Barber adds, “We know that under one roof, we are an extremely valuable resource of pre-sales support and guidance to save time, money, and backtracking. Whether you’re a startup operation or an expansion endeavor, MRX will bring the help, direction, and value to scale your business.”

Please accept our invitation to visit our facility in Portland to validate our products and visit our customers. It will be valuable time spent.


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