CO2 extraction and ethanol extraction for the hemp and cannabis industry

Processed Oils

Fractionalized processing allows for the separation of botanical material and preservation of terpenes, aroma, and taste. The auto fine-tuning mechanism prevents decarboxylated, burned, or overcooked oil, and keeps it from being degraded with chlorophyll, waxes, and lipids.

With efficiency in mind, MRX extractors are designed to produce higher yields with more control. CO2 processing is environmentally responsible. The process is free of residual solvents, toxins & heavy metals.

Temperature, pressure and flow rate are three factors that contribute to producing the highest quality product with the highest quality yield. The continual monitoring, maintaining, and ingesting of this data, in a tightly controlled zone from start to finish, enables this. No other extractor in the market has all the features of MRX.

raw butter (product) from xtractor

Raw Butter:

The raw butter is the product removed from the CO2 extractor. This butter is a mixture of terpenes, waxes, lipids, and other compounds. The byproduct has been concentrated to significantly higher percentages than the originating material. The raw butter can be consumed as is, it can be dried and inhaled, or it can be dewaxed, winterized, and refined into a homogenous oil product.

Refined Oil:

  • The raw butter product is most often taken and refined through winterization and fat and wax removal.
  • This refinement will concentrate the desired compounds further and create a homogenous consistency.
  • Wax removal and winterization can be accomplished by homogenizing the raw butter in ethanol.
  • Ethanol has both polar and non-polar solvent characteristics and is the safest substance thus known for winterization.
  • Waxes and lipids are removed through various stages of filtration.
  • Once the product is in solution with ethanol and filtered, the product can be refined in a vacuum oven or a rotary evaporator.
  • A vacuum oven will purge residual ethanol. A rotary evaporator will remove the residual ethanol as well as homogenize the product.
  • The consistency is typically suited for cartridges or vaporizers or a dab product.
  • This is becoming an ever-increasing share of the market as cartridges and vaporizers are portable, discreet, and manage dosages easier.